Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Price Change!

Our prices have gone from $4 a bracelet to $2!!!!! Don't miss out on this price deduction!

Monday, April 16, 2012

April Showers bring...Lemonade?

WOW. Sophomore year is A LOT more work than i anticipated. So tonight, practice is over, homework and piano are done, i have a spare moment. To write to you!!! im so sorry for my lack of being here!!!

So since i probably wont have any time to write again till schools out im gonna write about APRIL. did you know April is autism awareness month? And since Rett is an autism spectrum disorder its only fitting that the one and only post for a while is about AUTISM. or maybe about everything. 

Did you know that 1 in 88 kids have autsim?

Did you know there is no blood test, no scan, and no image that can detect autism. Diagnosis relies on behavioral observation and screening.

Did you know that Autism is more common than childhood cancer,  diabetes, and AIDS combined.

Did you know that Approximately 67 million people worldwide are affected by autism. and that Autism is the fastest growing disability in the United States.

So why isnt there a cure yet? 

There needs to be funding, research done, awareness raised. Just. Like. Rett. 

I want to take a minute to tell you all about my weekend. Im positive youll enjoy this. 

So. Remember my post back in January? Me, my sister, and my best friend Nathalie. we were denied the right to host a dance for the middle schoolers. But we didnt agree with it and we fought it. we petitioned and got over 200 signitures from our peers and WE WON. our dance was scheduled for Friday April 13th. GUESS WHAT? 

For Rett Syndrome we raised $1,221.

To those of you moms who go all out on your fundraisers it may not be that much but for three teenage girls with crazy schedules and school and life in general $1,221 in one night is pretty darn impressive. 

But it doesnt stop there. Nathalie stayed over at my house on Friday to saturday and saturday afternoon when we got bored we decided since it was so nice (rare in the ADKS) that we would have a lemonade stand and donate our money to Rett research! we expected not a lot. Maybe a couple people. We DEFINETLY did not expect to have to make multiple lemonade runs and make NINETY BUCKS. 90. on lemonade. for 50 cents a cup.

so add that 90 to the 1221 from the dance and get 1311! $1,311 in two days while all the other people our age around us  were sleeping the day away or doing nothing. and we decided that since we were so successful on Saturday, why not try again Sunday? so we set up our stand again and made a wopping $125!!! thats ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY SIX DOLLARS. in three days. when youre 14/16 thats A LOT of money! 

It was such an incredible weekend. I literally had the most fun ive had in a while. wanna snapshot into it? watch this video!! 

and be reminded to NEVER GIVE UP. because when authority says no, if you stand up for real and believe, you will come out on top. Or at least we did!

want to view the video of Rett that lured all the middle school students to our dance? 

or what about our take on the word retard(ed)?

 dont ever forget to believe in yourself because you might surprise yourself!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I need a favor, this doesn't really have to do with the Bracelets for Rett organization but i need YOUR help! As family and friends of girls and boys with Rett Syndrome the term "going down without a fight." means SO much to you, right? We'll that is exactly what we are doing here. You see my name is Rachel,  my sisters Kelly, and my best friend is Nathalie. Last year we held a spaghetti dinner for Emma and Rett Syndrome during the spring. This year we were trying to make it an annual event but at a different place. The place we want to have it would be asking for a hundred dollar rent. To pay for this hundred dollar rent we would want to hold a dance in the town's middle school Cafeteria  for the middle schoolers to come to and have a fun night. We would keep a hundred of the proceeds and the rest would go to Girl Power 2 Cure for OUR CURE! 

We went to the middle school principal to ask permission, but. We were denied. We fully understand that it isnt her fault and shes simply telling us the rules. no dances not school related and everything. but really. This little girl attends the elementary school just down the stairs. In 4 short years she will be going to this same school thats denying us the right to HELP HER GET HER VOICE! is that not school related?  We simply want aloud the use of the cafeteria for one friday night. 

We cant get what we need without you though. we are only three teenagers. Without your help we are being deprived the ability to help this little girl and millions like her. We deserve to have our voice be heard while trying to free hers.

How can you help? Comment, share, email ANYTHING. but without youre help we wont recieve the tools we need. and trust me. we arent going down without a fight. 

Nathalie says:

"Please take the time to read this. My name is Nathalie and I'm 13 years old. I am in 8th grade at the Saranac Lake Middle School. I'm not going to talk to you about that though. This letter is about Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is a form of autism that affects girls. It deprives them of walking, talking, and using their hands. Imagine duct tape over your mouth, glueing your hands together, and having both of your legs broken. Try and imagine how aggravated you would feel. On top of this, you would have seizures daily and your spine wouldn't be straight. You wouldn't be able to say if you were hungry, where you wanted to go, or if you were in pain or not. Little girls with Rett Syndrome are completely trapped. 
Kelly and Rachel's little cousin has this awful disease. There's no cure. Poor little Emma goes day by day, trapped in a world where people think she's stupid when she's really more intelligent than practically any other kindergartner out there. Today, Kelly and I went to our principal to ask if we could hold a dance. All of our money from the dance would be donated to the non-profit organization girlpower2cure. Much to our dismay, we were told we are not allowed to have a dance to raise money for research for a cure. I understand this is the school cafeteria we're talking about, but we SERIOUSLY can't use it for a dance? I also understand there are standards for dances, like they have to be school-related. Emma ATTENDS our school! I don't see how that is not school related. All we want to do is raise money for this precious five year old, yet we're not allowed to. I also understand this is not the principals fault. All she is doing is telling us the rules, and doing her job. I don't blame her one bit.
If your little daughter was born with this chromosome mutation you would do everything you can too. Seeing them suffer is not right. If you see this, we want to have a dance. And if you want to learn more about Rett and Emma, go to
Do it for Em."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The R-word...poem style

For English were doing a poetry unit. Its very structured, like a couple nights ago we wrote soapbox poems. Soapbox poems (according to my english teacher) are used when you want to complain about something or get it off your chest when you get really annoyed with something. We had a few requirments for the poems like at least 15 lines and a couple poetic devices but other than that we were pretty much free. So. I wrote about the derogatory use of the term retarded. i also wrote about that on THIS post but its pretty much one of my favorite things to rant about. I didnt really think to much of the poem until we were put in pairs and when the person i was paired with said something along the lines of "Wow. Thats really powerful. You should publish it or something." and i got to thinking where in the world would i publish such a poem until i remembered YOU guys!! so i decided that id publish the poem HERE! so here is the poem:

How would it feel to be degraded, deflated?
To be stupid though smart
or dumb with a big heart?

How would it feel to be an insult to the world?
To be hated for something you cannot control.
After all those years would the hurt take its toll?

What if you couldn't stick up for yourself?
You were trapped in a bubble with the world outside
listening to people make fun of your life.

What if you couldn't shake off the pain
and the word goes around and gets under your skin.
The only justice that's served is the words of your kin

Would you be able to handle the crack of your heart
When you get bullied with that word from finish to start
and they think it means nothing but you no longer feel smart

Your world is like rock bottom with no where to hide
it doesnt mean stupid clueless dumb or scarred
it simply means the monster inside. Its Retard.

The End. 

it still needs some work (be free to suggest changes) but i felt you guys would enjoy this poem because 1) its about a really good topic and 2) i wrote it with our cure in mind. One day when the cure for Rett Syndrome has been found and all these girls (and boys) are living there dreams theyll also be sticking up against this  cause too. but there can only be a cure with your help. buy a bracelet for only FOUR DOLLARS  by emailing and share this with your friends! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

To 2012!

I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were talking about 'normal.' What is normal? well, its you're everyday life, the things you do, feel, and say, on a regular basis. normal is NOT something that blends in with everyone else. Normal is not a fantasy world on TV, its YOU.

You're probably wondering why i'm talking about 'normal' and what it has to do with Rett Syndrome, but in a Rett syndrome family its easy to feel abnormal. Trust me, when you're 15 and know all about chromosomes and seizures and special needs galore its really easy to feel out of place in a society obsessed with obtaining perfection.

I should care about hair, makeup, boys, surviving high-school  and popularity, but instead i am here writing to you  about the abnormalness of my normal situation. the fact that i care about Rett more than i care about what people think of me makes me stick out at school like a sore thumb. i'm imediatly labeled abnormal because i don't fit in. but i bet if you looked at the lives of those other kids you would see that they are similar because they don't have the perfect life either. 

NO ONE is abnormal because everyones normal, is normal.

So in 2012 i will help achieve raising awareness to the Syndrome that makes me stand out. i'm going to bring it into EVERYONE'S normal until someday its cured. i'm going to make it so when i type "Rett" into the computer there is no little red line saying i misspelled something. and you can help by simply buying a four dollar bracelet. email with your two favorite colors and well get back to you! 2012 is YEAR of the CURE!

"Everybody knows there is no such thing as normal. There is no black-and-white definition of normal. Normal is subjective. There's only a messy, inconsistent, silly, hopeful version of how we feel most at home in our lives." -Tori Spelling

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas: Dalton style

theres a saying ive heard out on the rett net. it goes something like this "With Rett Syndrome, nothing is ever normal" and that includes Christmas. Every year we spend Christmas Eve at my grandparents all together discussing where Santa is, the giant nameless present under the tree, sledding, all those 'typical' things but in an untypical way. Of course its always done with lots of giggles:
cause what little girl doesnt like an early present?  Now if only she could tell us what she thinks with words.

we spent like 2 hours trying to get some good family pictures resulting in some good ones:
now i just wish she could make one of those crazy faces. 

but in the end Rett Syndrome didnt get us, in fact Em actually opened one of her own presents!

but theres still the lingering thoughts of the untypicalness of our Christmas celebrations. and i hope one day we can celebrate Christmas without worrying about meds or seizures. and with your help, one day we WILL! there are tons of girls around the world suffering from Rett Syndrome. Tons of families going through the same thing. with the purchase of a Bracelet from bracelets for rett you could help get a 'normal' Christmas for millions of familes. just email to get your own! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Next Christmas

every year its the same thing. maybe next year shell take those first steps, maybe next year shell say I love you, maybe next year shell be seizure free.

but its next year and were still ripping the paper for her, the movements are still uncontrolable, and there is no cure.

so when is the last year? when do we get the perfect christmas? the one without the special chair, the one she gets to do things herself. why cant we have that?

Because of Rett Syndrome.

But next christmas there will be. We will have our cure. With YOUR help.all it takes is ONE bracelet for only FOUR dollars. so order today because research is getting closer and closer to the CURE for Rett Syndrome. 

next christmas shell open those presents, shell knock ornaments off the tree on PURPOSE instead of involentarily, next christmas there will be a cure.
but its next year and im still waiting for her to walk over and climb in my lap, still waiting on the love, still watching those seizures.